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Protecting Home-Made Videos with Digital Watermarks by Oleg Afonin

If you ever turned on a TV, you have probably seen the semi-transparent channel logos that are displayed over the TV transmissions. These images are the digital watermarks. They are used by most broadcasting companies for branding purposes. Studios and broadcasters are using expensive equipment and complicated software in order to process their video streams. But you don't have to! With the release of Video Watermark Factory you no longer have to buy additional video processing equipment or spend thousands of dollars on complex video editing software. Using Video Watermark Factory, you can embed a logotype, a text annotation, or even subtitles into your video in a fast and simple manner.

Why do you need to use digital watermarks?

Digital watermarks have been used to protect video broadcasts for quite some time now. The latest high-definition movie formats, such as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, also employ digital watermarking to protect videos from unlicensed copying and distribution. Watermarking quickly becomes a necessity for anyone making and distributing videos over the Internet.

If you ever shared videos over the Internet or published them on a Web site such as YouTube, you probably know how hard it is to keep track of those who copy and re-distribute your work, often without giving the proper credit. In some cases such copying is illegal, and you can use legal enforcement tools such as DMCA to stop unlawful distribution. In most cases, however, all you want from those who copy your video is a note giving credit to the author of the video. Hunting down the infringers would not be worth the effort.

Cost-effective solution is available now

Protecting your video with a digital watermark used to be an option only available to big studios and video professionals who could afford spending lots of time mastering the complex equipment and mastering software. Today, you can protect your video with a professionally looking logo or watermark with just a few mouse clicks. With Video Watermark Factory, it is as simple as selecting your video file and a picture that you'd like to embed, with a few simple options such as the location of your watermark and the level of transparency. If you have many videos, you don't even have to select them one by one thanks to the product's powerful batch mode.

Video Splitting, Format Conversion and Special Effects

Video Watermark Factory is much more than a simple digital watermarking solution. The product can replace a much more expensive video editing package by providing features that are most often used by those who publish videos over the Internet.

Video splitting allows making a set of small, easy to download files from a long video that would otherwise be impossible to download. Video resizing serves the same purpose, allowing your video files to occupy less space on your Web site, and your visitors to save their Internet traffic. Convenient format conversion lets you make Web-friendly video streams that can be played back by your visitors without them having to download the entire file. Finally, Video Watermark Factory contains an extensive library of special effects allowing you to enhance or correct your videos by choosing correct values for the brightness, contrast and color balance.

Protect your videos with digital watermarks and enhance their appearance with Video Watermark Factory! Download your free evaluation copy at: http://www.videowatermarkfactory.com

About author:

Oleg Afonin is one of the world's most knowledgeable experts in software development. He has created a family of telephony software products whose architecture and core technologies were a generation ahead of competitors.

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